1997-2003 Ford F-150 TAILGATE -short bed tailgate.




1997-2003 Ford F-150 TAILGATE -short bed tailgate.

chevrolet aftermarket parts Whether you own a 1997-2003 Ford F-150 short bed tailgate or you’re thinking of buying one, this article is here to help. chevrolet aftermarket parts We’ll explore how to identify the right tailgate for your truck, the pros and cons of different types of tailgates, and advice on when to get your tailgate replaced. So if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your Ford F-150 tailgate from 1997-2003, read on! We’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision that will benefit both you and your vehicle.

97-2003 Ford F-150 TAILGATE chevrolet aftermarket parts -short bed tailgate

The 2003 Ford F-150 is a versatile truck that can be used for a variety of purposes. The tailgate is an important part of the truck and it needs to be strong and durable. The short bed tailgate is shorter than the standard bed tailgate and it is designed for trucks with a short bed. The tailgate is made of steel and it has a powder coat finish that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The tailgate has a capacity of up to 1000 pounds and it can be opened from either side of the truck. The tailgate can also be locked using the key fob or the remote control.

Description chevrolet aftermarket parts

When it comes to tailgates, the Ford F-150 has one of the most popular designs on the market. The short bed tailgate is a great option for those who want the functionality of a tailgate without the extra length. This tailgate is perfect for hauling small loads or keeping your vehicle’s cargo area clear. The short bed tailgate is also lighter and easier to open and close than its full-size counterpart. If you’re looking for a functional and stylish tailgate for your Ford F-150, the short bed tailgate is a great option.

Installation Instructions

1. Before you begin, disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Raise and support the tailgate.

3. Remove the two bolts that secure the third brake light assembly to the tailgate.

4. Disconnect the electrical connector from the third brake light assembly.

5. Remove the two bolts that secure the taillight assemblies to the tailgate.

6. Pull the taillight assemblies out of their openings in the tailgate and disconnect the electrical connectors from each taillight assembly.

7. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws that secure each side trim panel to the inner structure of the tailgate (one screw per side). At this point, you should be able to pull each side trim panel away from the tailgate enough to gain access to

What is included?

The Ford F-150 comes with a variety of features that are designed to make your life easier. One of these features is the tailgate. The tailgate on the Ford F-150 is a short bed tailgate that is designed to make it easy to access your cargo. The tailgate is also equipped with a step that makes it easy to get in and out of your truck.


The 1997-2003 Ford F-150 TAILGATE is a great choice for anyone looking to replace the tailgate on their short bed model. Whether you are replacing an old, damaged tailgate or just want to upgrade your truck’s look, this tailgate can fit the bill. It’s made from durable materials, making it reliable and long lasting, and its sleek black finish will add a touch of style to your truck. With all these features in mind, it’s easy to see why the 1997-2003 Ford F-150 TAILGATE is such a popular choice among owners of short bed models.


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