chevy 76-88 bench seats


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chevy 76-88 bench seats

hedrick chevroletAre you on the hunt for a classic car that exudes both style and comfort? Look no further than the Chevy 76-88 bench seats. These iconic pieces of automotive history not only provide ample space for passengers, but also add a touch of vintage flair to any vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique features and benefits of these coveted bench seats, as well as tips for finding and restoring them back to their former glory. Join us as we embark on a journey through time with the beloved Chevy 76-88 bench seats.

What is a Chevy 76-88 bench seat hedrick chevrolet?

A Chevy 76-88 bench seat is a type of automobile seat that was common in Chevrolet vehicles from 1976 to 1988. The bench seat was generally a standard feature in most Chevrolet models during this time period, although some higher-end models did offer bucket seats as an option. The bench seat was usually a three-passenger seat, with the middle position being slightly wider than the outside positions.

The main advantage of the bench seat over bucket seats was that it allowed for three passengers to sit side-by-side, which was convenient for families or groups of friends traveling together. Additionally, the bench seat tended to be more comfortable than bucket seats, as it provided more support for the back and legs. However, the main downside of the bench seat was that it did not provide much privacy or individual space for each passenger, which could be an issue on long trips.

How do you install a Chevy 76-88 bench seat hedrick chevrolet?

Assuming you have the proper tools, installation of a Chevy bench seat from a 76-88 model should take no more than an hour or so. Here are the basic steps:

1. Unbolt the old seat and remove it from the vehicle.

2. Clean up any debris or dirt in the area where the new seat will be installed.

3. Position the new seat in place and bolt it down using the factory-provided hardware.

4. Reconnect any electrical components that may be attached to the seat (power seats, heated seats, etc.).

5. Test out the new seat to make sure everything is working properly before putting everything back together.

What are the benefits of a Chevy 76-88 bench seat hedrick chevrolet?

A Chevy bench seat from 76-88 offers a number of benefits for drivers and passengers. Firstly, the seat can accommodate three people comfortably, which is ideal for families or groups travelling together. Secondly, the bench seat provides a level of support and comfort that individual seats cannot match, making long journeys more pleasant. Finally, the bench seat can be folded down to provide additional storage space in the car – perfect for larger items or when travelling with luggage.

Where can you buy a Chevy 76-88 bench seat?

Chevy bench seats can be purchased from a variety of sources, including online retailers, auto parts stores, and salvage yards. When shopping for a bench seat, it is important to consider the condition of the seat and the vehicle it will be installed in. Bench seats can vary widely in price, depending on the source and condition.


Chevy 76-88 bench seats are a great way to add style and comfort to your interior. With their comfortable design, classic look, and availability in a variety of colors, they can be an excellent addition to any enthusiasts car restoration project. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fit or just want something different from the average seat selection on offer today, these benches have something special that’s sure to please. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, consider giving your interior some vintage flair with a set of Chevy 76-88 bench seats!


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